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Is CBD Addictive?

An article looking at any risks associated with CBD. Includes facts around addiction,
overdose and use at high strengths. Also looks at potential side effects and legality.

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Pureis makes history with first-ever Positive Safety Assessment from UK Food Standards Agency.

This article takes an in depth look at the regulatory process that
CBD products must go through for UK sale as a ‘Novel Foods’ supplement, and why it’s
important that consumers choose products that have been given a thumbs up for safety by
the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

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What is the Difference Between CBD Vs. THC?

Read our CBD vs. THC overview to discover the key differences. Learn about their legal statuses, ways of taking, and effects.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Beginner Questions

This piece provides a simple overview of CBD, what is CBD? How is CBD made and what can it be used for? Intended to answer the most basic questions for potential users who need a grounding in what CBD is.

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Frequently Asked Questions: CBD and your Health

This article will cover frequently asked questions regarding CBD and its health benefits. It will look at the body as a whole, including physical and medical complaints that can potentially be eased using CBD. Will also look briefly at the different formats of CBD.

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Is CBD Oil Legal in the UK?

This article is a closer look at the legal status of CBD in the UK and how it has changed in recent years. It will also look at THC content, regulatory processes and manufacturing requirements, concluding with an investigation of whether CBD is available on prescription.

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CBD For Beginners: What Is CBD – And Is It For Me?

Looking to learn about the world of CBD but don’t know where to start? Our CBD for beginners’ article is the perfect place to begin. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about CBD, including what it is, how it works, and the different types of CBD products available.

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