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UK authority recognises Pureis® safety and quality credentials with first-ever Positive Safety Assessment for CBD.

It’s been a rigorous and lengthy process, but the news is finally in – Pureis® Ultra Pure CBD has made history. The UK government’s regulatory body – the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has issued its first ever Positive Safety Assessment. It’s the first time a CBD product has been granted a ‘Positive Opinion’ by the FSA which means that within a matter of months the legislative process for full approval of Pureis Ultra Pure CBD will be complete.

This announcement is good news for Chanelle McCoy Health, the owners of the science- backed Pureis brand and an equally positive sign for the wider industry as it marks a watershed moment for CBD gaining legitimacy to be sold as a bona fide food supplement. Where consumers can take the most reassurance however is that both now, and in the future, only brands who undertake the most rigorous Safety Clinical Studies will gain this FSA Positive Safety Assessment.

Why is CBD classified as a ‘Novel Food’?

CBD is classified as a Novel Food which refers to food products that are either entirely new or produced using methods not previously used for human consumption. This category includes CBD, as it’s a relatively recent addition to the mainstream food market.

Novel Food regulations ensure the safety and transparency of these new products. By undergoing a rigorous approval process, global authorities ensure that consumers can be confident they’re getting a high quality and safe CBD product.

A Novel Food authorisation/approval requires extensive safety studies to be carried out by internationally recognized Clinical Research Organisations adhering to Good Laboratory Practice and Good Clinical Practice principles. This includes; clinical testing to ensure product purity and consistency and toxicological evaluations to comply to all the consumer safety requirements.

What makes Pureis products worthy of an FSA Positive Safety Assessment?

This endorsement from the FSA Scientific Committee indicates that Pureis® Ultra Pure CBD has successfully fulfilled the rigorous criteria necessary to progress to the final stage of the Novel Food Licensing process.

The UK is the first authority globally to conclude and publish safety assessments for CBD food supplement products. Pureis® Ultra Pure CBD is the world’s leading brand of Lab-Made CBD food supplements which are manufactured in the UK and rigorously tested, contain 0% THC, are non- addictive and sustainably produced. Pureis® offers a range of products, including CBD oil drops, oral sprays and capsules, in different strengths and flavours.

Only CBD brands who have invested significantly in Safety Clinical Studies have achieved this Positive Safety Assessment, taking Pureis nearly a decade to achieve this. Consumers will now have the added reassurance of the FSA endorsement to safely choose a product, empowering them to shop the Pureis range with confidence.

What is CBD and why do people take it?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-addictive compound found commonly within the cannabis plant, but it is also can be created out of other natural ingredients such as citrus fruits. This is known as Lab-Made CBD.

CBD can be made in one of two ways:

  1. Plant-Based CBD: This method involves extracting CBD from cannabis plants. The downside with plant-based CBD is that to get Ultra Pure CBD from the plant you must remove many components which can be challenging. This means that tiny traces of the other components of the plant will still be there, including THC- the part of the plant which causes a ‘high’ and is addictive.
  2. Lab-Made CBD: It contains 0% THC because it’s Lab-Made, created from a formula using natural extracts of citrus fruit. Because Ultra Pure CBD is not made from the cannabis plant, it offers absolute purity and has a superior concentration to ensure that it is free from toxins, pollutants, pesticides and insecticides found in other CBD sources derived from cannabis.

Pureis Ultra Pure CBD is Lab-Made, created by health experts and perfected by scientists.

CBD is scientifically recognised as a way to recalibrate the body and mind – allowing it to reach a natural state of balance. Millions of people around the world who use CBD as part of their daily routine report how it benefits their quality of life.

To really understand how CBD works in the body, we must understand more about our endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our ECS ensures our body maintains a healthy state by supporting wider systems like the immune system, cardiovascular system, and our central nervous system. The ECS plays a crucial role in: regulating our mood, memory, energy levels, bone density, sleep and much more. CBD interacts with receptors within the ECS system to maintain balance, returning our bodies back to their natural state.

How does Pureis Ultra Pure CBD compare to other products on the market?

Pureis Ultra Pure CBD is specifically engineered for effectiveness which means less is more when it comes to consuming this product. This is quite unlike cannabis plant-derived CBD, which may contain multiple cannabinoids. These other cannabinoids are all fighting to reach the same receptors, and can dampen the effect of CBD, hence why consumers might need a higher intake of plant-derived CBD to get the desired effect.

An Ultra Pure CBD like Pureis will target the site of action without having to compete against other cannabinoids for the same receptor, hence why consumers don’t need as many milligrams of Lab-Made CBD to get the desired effect, making 10mg the optimum and established dose in the Pureis range.

Finally, because Pureis Ultra Pure CBD is Lab-Made, it is also more environmentally friendly than other CBD brands. This is because there is no concern about crop failure, no reliance on weather or soil conditions which affect yield of plant grown sources and water usage is minimal. Lab-Made CBD offers consistent quality and scalability, reducing environmental impact and variability. Pureis packaging is also recyclable.

Is CBD for me?

The effect of cannabinoids on human physiology is extremely complex, and research into its interactions with the body is still in its infancy but many people who take it as a food supplement report its benefits to their everyday lives, wellbeing and physical health. If you are looking for a supplement to aid your treatment for any of the conditions outlined, it would be worth discussing CBD as an added option with your GP.

NB. Pureis Ultra Pure CBD capsules and oils are a range of food supplements, not intended to treat or prevent any physiological or psychological disease.

*Safety has been established by the UK Food standard Agency publication of their scientific opinion on Chanelle McCoy Health CBD novel application by